Sony a7R II Vs. a7 II : Eight Key Differences (DPreview)

Sony a7R II vs Sony a7 II

Dpreview (Click here) has just listed 8 key differences between the Sony a7R II (Amazon/ Adorama/ eBay) and the Sony a7 II. The Sony a7R II costs almost twice as much as the a7 II and performs much better.See the detailed below:

  1. Resolution
  2. Dynamic range
  3. ISO sensitivity / low light
  4. Shutter
  5. Video
  6. Autofocus
  7. Performance
  8. Battery life

 Summary from the Dpreview :”It should be obvious if you’ve read this far that the Sony a7R II is a significantly more capable camera than its stablemate the a7 II. They might look identical, but a quick run-down of just the major feature differences makes the distinction obvious enough: more pixels, better low light performance, 4K video, a vastly more capable autofocus system, fully electronic shutter, and more complete support for third-party lenses….

All this being said, if you’re new to the Sony a7 system, the a7 II doesn’t bring much to the table that you can’t find duplicated or outmatched in other, competitive DSLR models. The a7R II, on the other hand, offers some unique features that we suspect will make it distinct from competitive DSLRs for some time yet...”

Sony a7R II 
check price Amazon| B&HAdoramaeBay
Sony Alpha a7 II 
check price Amazon| B&HAdoramaeBay

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