List of All the Nikon DSLRs and their Sensor Manufacturer


Here are a list of all Nikon DSLR cameras and the corresponding sensor manufacturer posted at the DPreview. You can see Nikon bought many sensor technologies from Sony and Toshiba.

Nikon DX cameras:

D40: 6 MP CCD Sony
D40x: 10 MP CCD Sony
D60: 10 MP CCD Sony
D3000: 10 MP CCD Sony
D3100: 14 MP CMOS Nikon
D3200: 24 MP CMOS Nikon
D3300: 24 MP CMOS Sony

D5000: 12 MP CMOS Sony
D5100: 16 MP CMOS Sony
D5200: 24 MP CMOS Toshiba
D5300: 24 MP CMOS Toshiba
D5500: 24 MP CMOS Sony

D70: 6 MP CCD Sony
D80: 10 MP CCD Sony
D90: 12 MP CMOS Sony
D7000: 16 MP CMOS Sony
D7100: 24 MP CMOS Toshiba
D7200: 24 MP CMOS Toshiba

D100: 6 MP CCD Sony
D200: 10 MP CCD Sony
D300: 12 MP CMOS Sony


Nikon FX cameras:

D600: 24 MP CMOS Sony
D610: 24 MP CMOS Sony
D750: 24 MP CMOS Sony

D700: 12 MP CMOS Nikon
Df: 16 MP CMOS Nikon

D800: 36 MP CMOS Sony
D810: 36 MP CMOS Sony

D2h: 4 MP LBCAST Nikon
D2x: 12 MP CMOS Sony
D3: 12 MP CMOS Nikon
D3s: 12 MP CMOS Nikon
D3x: 24 MP CMOS Sony
D4: 16 MP CMOS Nikon
D4s: 16 MP CMOS Nikon

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