Sony A7R II and A7 II are Better than Canon and Nikon Competitions (Dpreview)

Sony A7R II review (dpreview)

Dpreview has just claimed that the newest generation of Sony A7 cameras is better than Canon and Nikon DSLR competitions. Sony a7R II is the best Semi-Pro Interchangeable Lens Camera while Sony a7 II is the best Full-Frame Interchangeable Lens Camera within $1,200-2,000.

  • Sony A7R II: 90% Gold Award.
Sony Alpha a7RII 
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Dpreview writes “The Sony a7R II wins this group for many reasons: it is arguably the most innovative, most improved, and houses the most features of any camera in this category. 399 PDAF points offer the largest frame coverage and truly challenge full-frame DSLR AF. ..In-body stabilization and electronic shutters allow you to worry less about handheld and mirror/shutter-induced shake, a benefit over high-resolution DSLRs. Internal 4K recording is a first for this segment, as well as BSI technology on a full-frame camera, which gives the a7R II class-leading low light image quality and continues Sony’s tradition of high dynamic range Raw imaging. The a7R II overcomes inherent issues of many DSLRs and especially the shortcomings of its predecessor, and the sum total of innovations and features help get the camera out of the way, allowing you to focus on image-making...”

  • Sony A7 II: 82% Gold Award.Sony A7  II review (dpreview)
Sony Alpha a7 II 
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Dpreview Writes: “The Sony a7 IIi s very good cameras with wide dynamic range and 5-axis image stabilization. The mirrorless a7 II is more adaptable, accepting a wide range of 3rd-party lenses via adapters, and focusing many of them quickly and continuously using on-sensor phase detection. There’s a growing family of high quality native E-mount lenses as well. Low light Raw performance lags behind most full-frame cameras, but the JPEG engine is one of the most intelligent in terms of sharpness and noise reduction we’ve ever seen. Despite being on the soft side, the a7 II’s 1080/60p capture with a host of support tools and AF means it’s a capable video camera. A high-res EVF and tilting LCD (which, sadly, is not touch-enabled) ensure you can shoot in a wide variety of conditions. While not everyone will appreciate its user experience (or short battery life), the a7 II is an attractively-priced camera for those new to full-frame…”

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