Nikon Z9 Review (DPReview): the most DSLR-like Mirrorless They Have Ever Seen

Carey Rose has just posted a review of the newly annnounced Nikon Z9 at the It is the most DSLR-like Mirrorless They Have Ever Seen!

Nikon Z9 costs $5,496.95, first available for pre-order at B&H/ Adorama.

From the experience of shooting moving objects with Nikon Z9 for two days, they would like to dispel the anxiety about the relatively low values ​​of the EVF’s 3.69 million dot resolution and 60fps refresh rate.

Simply put, Nikon Z9 offers one of the best viewfinder experiences of any camera on the market. In some ways, it’s the most DSLR-like experience in the mirrorless camera universe, while also providing an experience a cut above even the likes of the Sony a1 with its nominally higher-resolution 9.44M-dot electronic finder.

Nikon Z9’s EVF is displayed in full resolution regardless of camera operations such as focusing, shooting, and playback, making it the most natural EVF I’ve ever seen. The viewfinder is so natural that you’ll forget it’s an EVF, while retaining the EVF’s advantages that optical viewfinders don’t have.

The 9.44 million-dot viewfinder on the Sony α1 and α7S III is a step up from the α9, and in some situations, such as during playback, the EVF looks great. However, after Z9, I was disappointed when I shot with α1.

This is because the resolution of the α1 EVF drops during AF operation regardless of the display quality setting. Then, when AF stops, the resolution increases again, and the image stabilization moves as if it had been reset.

On Nikon Z9, it is displayed as you first saw it, with no change in resolution, no jerky movements, and no shaking. Always the same resolution and the same frame rate. It’s a smooth experience and you can concentrate more.

Compared to the EVF of Canon EOS R3, Nikon Z9 has some advantages. Canon R3’s OVF simulation mode makes better use of the EVF’s panel HDR than the Z9 (but the Z9 can be brighter), but the user interface is a bit cumbersome. Also, in R3 face recognition, boxes are displayed on many faces on the screen, but in Z9, the box is displayed only on the face to be focused, which makes the display cleaner.

The finder-like feel of a high-end SLR camera was difficult to achieve with a mirrorless EVF, but it can be said that this has finally been achieved with recent high-end models.

The integrated vertical grip makes it possible to install a large-capacity battery. According to the CIPA standard, the battery life is 700 to 770, but if you take continuous shots, you will be able to take much more. One of the staff took 5,000 shots with the Z9 in a few hours, but half the battery was left.

The operation system of Z9 has abundant dedicated buttons and dials, and it is very good that some operation parts such as drive mode are concentrated on a specific dial in a well-thought-out place, and menu operation is It is unnecessary and you can learn the operation immediately.

Nikon Z9 is a camera that has almost all the dissatisfaction points of the Z series so far, and finally you can feel the charm of single-lens reflex cameras like Nikon D5 and D6. Whether or not Nikon Z9 is the best sports camera on the market will be known in future tests, but it can be said that it is the best camera among Nikon cameras, and it is a warning of Nikon’s future development.

Nikon Z9 Pre-Order B&H/ Adorama
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