Images of Nikon D850 Leaked


This is the first image of the upcoming Nikon D850 leaked at the Nikonrumors. Nikon D850 is now listed at B&H! It was expected to be announced on July 25th, however  two days passed, it is not coming yet.


Dpreview posted ten things they are hoping about Nikon D850

  • More pixels (but not too many more)
  • The same or better low ISO DR
  • The same autofocus system as Nikon D5
  • 4K / 8K video
  • XQD support
  • An articulated, touch-sensitive LCD and better live view AF
  • Proper electronic first-curtain shutter implementation
  • Built-in Wi-Fi (and improved SnapBridge)
  • Improved Auto AF Fine Tune
  • Smaller body, illuminated controls

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