Nikon D5 Review (DPReview)

Nikon D5 Review DPReview

There is a full detailed Nikon D5 (Amazon/ Adorama/ B&H/ eBay) review at the Nikon D5 is the company’s flagship action-oriented DSLR, featuring a 20.8MP full-frame sensor, 153-point autofocus system and a full-size, double-grip chassis.

Nikon D5 gets the overall score 89% Dpreview Gold Award.


Nikon D5 has two different models: CF version and XQD version. Both are now in stock and shipping.

Nikon D5 FX-Format Digital SLR Check Price Amazon/ Adorama/ B&H/ eBay
Nikon D5 Review DPReview1

Nikon AF-S 300mm F4 PF @ F4 | 1/1000 sec | ISO 20000

Nikon D5 Review DPReview2

Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art @ F1.4 | 1/160 | ISO 100.

Nikon D5 Review DPReview3

Nikon AF-S 70-200 F2.8 VR II @ F11 | 1/125 sec | ISO 200

Nikon D5 Review DPReview4

Nikon AF-S 300mm F4 PF @ F4 | 1/1000 sec | ISO 100

Nikon D5 Review DPReview5

Nikon 135mm F2D @ F2.8 | 1/3200 sec | ISO 100

Setting new standards“, Conclusions from DPReview: “The Nikon D5 represents a more remarkable upgrade to the D4S than its appearance suggests. With a completely revamped autofocus system, the D5 will keep up with just about any subject under just about any lighting conditions. The new sensor offers class-leading low light image quality, especially due to an improved JPEG engine, but Raws aren’t the most flexible when shooting high contrast scenes. ..The D5 is a specialized tool capable of highly professional results…”

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