Nikon D810 Review (Dpreview)

Nikon D810 review (dpreview)

After testing Nikon D810 for almost two years, Rishi Sanyal and three other persons posted a full review of Nikon D810 at the Dpreview. Nikon D810 might just be one of the best all-round full-frame DSLRs in the world with its ISO 64 performance allowing it to rival medium format image quality. Nikon D810 now is available for $2,796.95 in most US stores (Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama/ eBay). This is $500 cheaper than MSRP.

Conclusion from DPreview:”The Nikon D810 is one of the best-rounded DSLRs we’ve ever tested, and as a camera that we’ve lived and worked with for almost two years, we’re confident that it will remain relevant – and useful – for many years to come. The D810 offers medium format-esque dynamic range at ISO 64, and more than enough resolution for almost any application. Its well thought-out ergonomics, build and speed make it as versatile in the field as in the studio. We do have some reservations – mirror and shutter shock can still be an issue in some situations, particularly in combination with VR lenses, and we wish focus was more reliable in low light – but these do not detract unduly from the quality of the total package…”

Nikon D810 FX-format Digital SLR
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Nikon D810 gets the 86% overall score.

Nikon D810 Review2

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