Rumored Sepcs of Leica M11 Updated

The new Leica M11 is rumored to be officially announced on 11/11/2021. Today, LR updated the key specifications of Leica M11.

Below are the updated key specifications of Leica M11:

amera specifications:

  •  Leica M11 will not have a baseplate
  • The official announcement is still expected on 11/11/2021
  •  Leica M11 sensor will have a variable resolution in RAW (50MP/36MP/15MP)
  •  Leica M11 will support USB-C
  • No IBIS
  • A new Visoflex will be announced that will work also with the current M10 models
  • Leica M10, M10P, and Leica M10D cameras are already discontinued – see current listings at Adorama and B&H

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