Leica M11 to be Announced on 11/11/2021?

A new Leica camera is coming! According to the latest rumors from LR, Leica will officially announce the new Leica M11 on 11/11/2021!

Below are the rumored key specifications of Leica M11:

  • The official announcement is expected on 11/11/2021 (the M9 was announced on 09/09/2009)
  • 36 MP back-illuminated sensor
  • Fixed bottom plate
  • No IBIS
  • A new Visoflex will be announced that will work also with the current M10 models

The new Leica M11 seems to have a higher pixel count sensor, but 36MP seems to have a good balance rather than an extremely high pixel count. Regarding IBIS, there may be many people who don’t need it if the body becomes thicker again.

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