RICOH WG-7 Announced

This is the new Ricoh WG-7 camera. It is a high-grade model with the highest toughness performance of the waterproof compact digital camera “WG” series, such as waterproof performance at a depth of 20 m, drop impact resistance from a height of 2.1 m, and cold resistance at -10 ° C.  You could use it not only outdoors but also in everyday business scenes. It will be released on July 9, 2021.

Below are the Key Features of Ricoh WG-7:

  • Achieves high waterproof performance (JIS protection class 8 and IPX8 equivalent) that can withstand continuous 2 hours of underwater use at a water depth of 20 m, which is the highest in our WG series. In addition, it also has drop impact resistance from 2.1 m, dust resistant performance (JIS protection class 6 and IP6X compliant), cold resistant structure that can operate even at -10 ° C, and load resistant structure that can withstand weights up to 100 kgf. I have.
  • It can be used as a full HD, 30fps high-quality webcam by simply switching to UVC mode and connecting the included USB cable to your computer. It is also possible to combine close-up photography that allows you to take close-up shots up to about 1 cm at the shortest, and the built-in ring light.
  • The lowest price is 44,820 yen including tax, which seems to be slightly cheaper than the initial price of WG-6.

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