Ricoh GR III x Camera Officially Announced

Ricoh officially announced the new “Ricoh GR III x” that uses a newly designed GR lens with a conversion of 40 mm.

Ricoh Imaging Co., Ltd. will release a new high-end compact digital camera “RICOH GR III x” equipped with a new lens that allows you to enjoy shooting with a standard angle of view equivalent to 40 mm in 35 mm format. The release date is early October 2021.

Equipped with the newly developed “GR LENS 26.1mm F2.8” that achieves both high performance and thinness. A standard angle of view equivalent to 40 mm is obtained in 35 mm format, and unlike the 28 mm equivalent angle of view that is easy to emphasize the perspective of the conventional GR series, there is less perspective and a new field of view with a natural perspective. Supports snapshot shooting.

The newly developed optical system with 7 elements in 5 groups with 2 aspherical lenses optimally arranged suppresses distortion and chromatic aberration to a level close to the limit, achieves high resolution, and also causes ghosts and flares during backlight photography. Reduction.
In macro photography with a minimum of 12 cm (from the tip of the lens), it is possible to shoot with a natural perspective that makes the best use of the bokeh of the background, coupled with the focal length of the standard angle of view.

Equipped with a multi-stage aperture unit with a built-in ND filter that is equivalent to two apertures with dimmed light, it provides high-contrast, high-resolution depictions for various subjects and shooting conditions, as well as a 9-blade iris. Aperture is used to obtain a three-dimensional depiction with a natural bokeh near the maximum aperture, and it is also possible to capture a beautiful light beam when the aperture is stopped down.

Ricoh GR III x was surprised by the sudden announcement as there were no rumors. There have been quite a few requests for GR to be equipped with a 50mm conversion lens, but as the press release says, the 40mm conversion lens can be used for both 35mm and 50mm, so I have only one. If you go, it may be easier to use than 50mm. It is interesting to see what the new 26mm (40mm conversion) GR lens looks like.

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