RICOH THETA Z1 51GB Announced!


Ricoh has just officially announced the new  “RICOH THETA Z1 51GB“. It is a camera that can shoot 360 ° spherical images in one shot.


Since its launch as the world’s first Note 1 spherical camera in 2013, “RICOH THETA” has been used in various video fields as a tool with new possibilities that go beyond the conventional wisdom of video expression. I did. Recently, while it is required to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and achieve both economic activities, the spread of 360 ° content is accelerating, especially in the business market such as browsing real estate properties and managing progress at construction sites. Further expansion of usage is expected in (new normal).

The new product “RICOH THETA Z1 51GB” is a model that expands the internal storage of the top model “RICOH THETA Z1” which was released in 2019. While maintaining the basic performance of the RICOH THETA Z1 that can shoot high-quality, high-quality 360 ° still images and videos, the conventional model has a storage capacity that meets the needs of the market that wants to use it without worrying about the storage capacity. It has been greatly increased from 19GB to 51GB. You can save about 900 shots of RAW + and about 6,350 shots of JPEG in the main unit storage.

Taking over the same features as its predecessor, it is equipped with a 1.0-inch back-illuminated CMOS image sensor in a compact body, and can shoot high-quality 360 ° still images equivalent to approximately 23 million pixels (6720 x 3360 pixels). I can do it. It also supports various shooting modes such as aperture priority, and you can obtain high-quality images regardless of the shooting scene, such as outdoors or in dark places. In addition, when shooting movies, the powerful image stabilization function with 3-axis rotation correction realizes smooth and realistic 360 ° movie shooting equivalent to 4K (3840 x 1920 pixels) and 30 fps (frames / second).

The main unit is equipped with a 0.93-inch organic EL information panel and Fn (function) button, allowing you to check various information such as the number of remaining shots and exposure settings at a glance, achieving high operability with the camera alone. In addition to JPEG, it supports saving in RAW (Adobe® DNG format), and you can enjoy full-scale image editing in the same way as a general digital single-lens reflex camera. In addition, it adopts an Android ™ -based system, which not only improves basic performance by updating, but also realizes various enhancements by installing additional plug-ins.


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