New Olympus E-M1X Teaser to be Announed on January 24

Olympus E-M1X is coming soon! According to the teaser from FT below, this new camera will be announced on January 24, 2019 for around $3000!

Below are the rumored specifications:

  • Name: E-M1X OMD camera
  • Sensor: 20MP (not global shutter)
  • Frame rate: 18fps
  • 7.5+ EV stabilization
  • 2x the processing speed of Olympus E-M1 Mark II
  • Autofocus: Adaptive and expandable focal points. Two examples. If you are shooting a person, then shift to shooting a car, the number of focal points will automatically expand. If you are shooting a basketball player, you will get a vertical series of 5 focal points.
  • Body Size: 144.37 x 146.765 x 75.345mm  
  • High Res: Can shoot handheld High Resolution images (around 80MP) at 1/60s
  • Photography focus: Sports and Wildlife shooters
  • Same batteries as E-M1 Mk II
  • Live electronic ND filter
  • Larger EVF
  • Price: Close to $3,000
  • Launch: January 2019 along “2 tele zooms, 1 wide angle zoom. speedlight. zuiko binoculars”
  • Availability: February 

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