2019 Cameras & Lenses New Year’s Resolutions

DPReview has just posted the new year’s resolutions of cameras and lenses in 2019. Read the details below:

Canon – in 2019 

  • Add IBIS to the RF lineup and update your sensors (or buy Sony’s).
  • Make the RF mount an open standard.
  • Reclaim your ILC video crown – no more cropped 4K!
  • Dump the MFn bar…
  • Make the 5D Mark V a true digital EOS 3.
  • Think different – embrace computational photography.

Nikon – in 2019 

  • Keep developing that Z-series lens roadmap.
  • Bring 3D AF Tracking to the Z-series – in fact, bring all of your industry-leading AF area modes to the Z-series.
  • Make an FTZ adapter with a built-in AF motor. Carey’s got a 105mm F2 DC he really wants to shoot with.
  • Make the Z mount an open standard.

Sigma – in 2019  

  • Calm down a bit with the ‘biggest, heaviest and fastest’ primes thing and create a range of compact F2 lenses.
  • Try again with the 24-70mm F2.8 Art.
  • Follow Tamron’s example and develop some native Sony FE lenses.
  • Reverse-engineer the Canon RF and Nikon Z mounts and show them how it’s done.
  • Create a range of full-frame Merrill compacts.

Ricoh (Pentax) – in 2019 

  • Make a true successor to the K-1.
  • Reissue the K-01 – just kidding! Give your fans a proper mirrorless camera – maybe the L-mount alliance has room for another member?
  • Make a full-frame GR to compete with the Leica Q and Sony RX1R II.

Panasonic – in 2019  

  • Ditch field-sequential EVFs, for good.
  • Either fix DFD for video, or use PDAF instead.
  • Now that you’re in the L mount alliance, how about making a full-frame 4K video camera

Olympus – in 2019  

  • Start making small cameras again. Maybe an updated PEN-F?
  • Update the OM-D E-M5 II.
  • Simplify your cameras’ menu systems, please!
  • Add PDAF to your lower-end PEN and OM-D cameras.
  • Add a large sensor to the TOUGH range.

Fujifilm – in 2019  

  • Make a full-frame X100  .
  • Continue improving your face and eye-detection autofocus. The X-T3 was a great start.
  • Make a proper X70 successor
  • Refresh your F1.4 primes.
  • Don’t try to palm us off with 15fps ‘4K video’ ever again.


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