Sony Launches the World’s Fastest Smart Multifunction USB Hub and new SF-M Tough Card Series!

Sony has just announced the world’s fastest smart Multifunction USB Hub and new SF-M tough card series.

Sony launches world’s fastest smart Multifunction USB Hub with UHS-II SD/microSD reader for efficient workflow

Sony continues to make ultra-high-speed, reliable and efficient workflow a reality for professionals, with the introduction of the MRW-S3 – the world’s fastest UHS-II SD/microSD card reader and USB Hub with USB 3.1 Gen 2 and up to 100W USB Power Delivery (USB PD) and HDMI output capability support.

Sony also launches an addition to its TOUGH SD card range with the introduction of the TOUGH SF-M series.

Power through your projects

Professional photographers, videographers and creators no longer need to worry about carrying numerous adapters to utilise their various pieces of kit or fret about using up ports on their latest PCs with USB Type-C TM ports. The MRW-S3 is a one-stop solution for fast and reliable data transfer in the form of a handy USB Hub.

The world’s fastest UHS-II SD and microSD card reader handles everything from high-resolution RAW image files to 4K videos. It also allows the user to maximise their creativity with more time to spend on retouching and editing content.

The MRW-S3 is also the fastest USB Hub supporting USB 3.1 Gen 2 and provides ultra high-speed data transfer of up to 1000MB/s.This brings out the full speed of each USB device so that professionals can make the most of their high-speed external SSDs like Sony’s SL-M and SL-C TOUGH specification series.

In addition, the MRW-S3 can receive up to 100W USB Power Delivery (USB PD)[2]to ensure stable and reliable connections with USB devices. Users can be notified by the USB power level indicators if each port is ready to be connected at max power supply levels, eliminating worries of sudden disconnection due to poor power management.


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