Sony Alpha a9 to Come with 72MP Sensor


Sony Alpha a9 is coming! According to the latest rumors from SAR, Sony A9 prototype is already in testing and will use a 72MP full frame sensor.

SAR has just got this from a reader:

I looked closer and noticed the user (short chubby guy with red goatee) was using a Sony GM 24-70mm f/2.8 lens on the body. The photographer was pretty uncomfortable when I started asking questions. But I can say this. It was in fact a Sony A9(?!?) proto type, it is slightly larger than the A7R II however it does not have a built in battery grip. Good things are it does have dual card slots, definitely sd maybe cfast, I really don’t know much about different cards, but he did say it has 2. It has a joystick for autofocus point moving. But most importantly, when he showed me the joystick, the spot where it would say 42M on my a7rii, it said Extra Fine 72M!!
He said this was one of a few prototypes out there and that it was due out end of summer for early fall release (can’t say this is real or not).

Source: SAR

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