Sony a7 IV: Still the Best Selling in the Second Half of July 2022 (CAPA)

CAPA CAMERA WEB posted the best selling products of Yodobashi Camera’s interchangeable lens digital cameras in the second half of July 2022.  Sony a7 IV (Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama) still wins the top 1 position.

Data collection period: July 16th to July 31st, 2022

Top 1  Sony a7 IV Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama 
Top 2 Sony a7 IV zoom Lens kit  Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama 
Top 3 Canon EOS R7 Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama
Top 4 Canon EOS R3   Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama 
Top 5 Canon EOS R10 Lens Kit  Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama 
Top 6 Canon EOS R6    B&H/ Adorama/ Amazon  
Top 7 Sony A1 Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama 
Top 8  Sony A6400 Double Zoom Kit Amazon/B&H/Adorama 
Top 9 Canon EOS R7 Lens Kit Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama
Top 10 Nikon Z fc 16-50 VR SL lens Amaozn/ B&H/ Adorama
  • The first place is the Sony A7 IV  body again this time. It has held the top spot for six consecutive terms. In 2nd place, the previous 3rd place Sony A7 IV Zoom Lens Kit  ranked up and follows. However, Sony A1 which was ranked 2nd last time, fell back to 7th place.
  • Although orders for “VLOGCAM ZV-E10” and “A7C” have resumed, it seems that they are not in good shape yet.
  • The top of the Canon group is the 3rd place “Canon EOS R7” body. Two years ago, it made a debut in 2nd place for the first time, but last time it was out of the ranks. The “EOS R7” body returned to 3rd place in just half a month. In 5th place was the first appearance of the “Canon EOS R10/RF-S18-150 IS STM Lens Kit”, and 4 Canon  and 5 models entered the top 10. They are ahead of Sony in terms of numbers.
  • Nikon “Z fc 16-50 VR S Lens Kit” ranked in 10th place. It is the first time in the top 10 since the first half of June. Nikon will release the APS-C mirrorless “Z 30” on August 5th. I’m looking forward to the next top 10 entry.
  • Sony didn’t dominate the top 3 for 2 weeks in a row, but Sony a7 IV seems to continue to sell very well, taking 1st and 2nd place. Sony ZV-E10, which has resumed orders, is out of the rank this time, and the supply may not be stable.

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