Leica M10-R (Black Paint Finish) Announced, Priced $9,295, Available for Pre-Order

Leica has just announced the new Leica M10-R Digital Rangefinder Camera (Black Paint Finish). It is a lovely high-gloss finish that will exquisitely patina over time, reflecting the user’s own signature imprint on the camera. A timeless witness of light, this high-resolution digital rangefinder takes on the traditional, stills-only design of the acclaimed M10-series. Revolving around an impressive 40MP full-frame CMOS sensor and Maestro II image processor, the M10-R is distinguished by its image quality, dynamic range, and sensitivity, with an ISO 100-50000 range and low noise. Complementing the applications suited to a higher resolution design, the M10-R also features an extended shutter speed range for making long exposures up to 16 minutes-long for nighttime and low-light shooting. The increased resolution and redesigned sensor structure also highlight the unique optical qualities of Leica’s extensive lens lineup. This new camera costs $9,295, first available for pre-order at B&H/ Adorama.

Many Leica models have a black chrome or black alumite finish with a matte satin finish, but the new design variation “Leica M10-R Black Paint” is glossy. Features a black paint finish.

As the camera is used habitually, the surface is worn away and the brass bullion is exposed from the top cover, base plate, wheel buttons, and so on. An attractive one that has a unique old luster and personality as time goes by.


  • Based on Leica M10-R
  • No red Leica Logo on front side
  • On top cap: Classic Leica script combined with the “ERNST LEITZWETZLAR GERMANY” engraving
  • Glossy black paint finish
  • Classic silver chrome shutter release plate
  • Dials with cross-knurling
  • New 40mp full frame color sensor for unprecedented image quality with M-Lenses
  • ISO range of 100
  • 50,000 & improved image quality in low light compared to M10/M10-P
  • Physical design, 3 button layout, ISO dial, and aesthetics of standard M10 with red dot logo
  • Silent mechanical shutter, touchscreen, and level gauge of M10-P
  • 16 minute maximum shutter time for longer exposures and greater creative freedom
  • Full compatibility with all Leica M10 accessories (battery, grips, cases, etc.)

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