Fujifilm Manager: They will Never Go Full Frame!

Recently, Dpreview has just posted the latest interview with Toshihisa Iida (General Manager of Fujifilm’s Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products) at Photokina 2018. He said, they will never make a full frame camera.

From dpreview:

Now that all of the legacy DSLR makers except Ricoh have full-frame mirrorless systems, will Fujifilm ever enter the full-frame market?

No, never. Because we don’t have that legacy – luckily or unluckily. We don’t see any point in Fujifilm entering that market, particularly since we have good APS-C and medium format systems. If we entered full-frame [our systems] would just start cannibalizing each other. We’re happy to stay with two completely independent systems.

Should we expect to see more smaller, compact lenses for GF mount, like the forthcoming 50mm pancake?

Yes, in the future we’d like to expand our lineup of compact lenses for GF. We need small lenses for the smaller camera, to get the right balance. We’re always thinking about the whole system

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