Canon EOS R5c to be Announced in Q1 2022

The current Canon EOS R5

Canon EOR R5c is coming near. According to the latest rumors from CR3, Canon EOS R5c will be officially announced in Q1 2022.

What we know about Canon EOS R5c is that it has an active cooling fan, a slightly modified body shape, a video codec, and a full-size HDMI jack. Most of the current Canon EOS R5 (Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama) specifications will be carried over to Canon EOS R5c.

Since this camera will use an active cooling system, it seems that it will be possible to shoot for a long time without worrying about overheating even at 8K.

Also, since most of the functions of  Canon EOS R5 will be taken over by Canon R5c, the mechanical shutter will probably remain the same, and it will be a camera that can be used as a still camera without any problems.

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