Canon EOS M3 Review

Canon-EOS-M3 review

Joshua Waller has just posted a detailed review of the brand new Canon EOS M3. Canon EOS M3 is a mirrorless compact system camera featuring a new 24 megapixel APS-C sensor with Hybrid AF system and a tilting touch screen. Since it is not available for sale in US, you can get it from eBay.

 From the Review:”As a camera, the Canon EOS M3 deliver high image quality, with good noise performance up to and including ISO6400, and the camera has significantly improved focus performance, making it almost as quick as other mirrorless cameras, and quicker than some. Images have excellent color and exposure, and look good on the tilting 3 inch touch-screen. For a Canon user with a number of EF lenses, then the EOS M3 would make an excellent companion to another DSLR, letting you use your favorite lenses with a smaller camera body. However, the EOS M3 will look much more appalling, if and when the price comes down to a level more in line with the competition…Read the Full Review

Canon-EOS-M3 review 2

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