Sony Alpha a7 IV: the Best Selling in the Second Half of December 2021 (CAPA)

CAPA CAMERA WEB posted the best selling products of Yodobashi Camera’s interchangeable lens digital cameras in the second half of December 2021. Sony Alpha a7 IV Body (Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama) wins the top 1 position, followed by  Nikon Z9 (B&H/ Adorama).

Data collection period: December 16 to December 31, 2021

Top 1 Sony Alpha a7 IV Body Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama
Top 2 Nikon Z9 B&H/ Adorama
Top 3 Canon EOS R6 B&H/ Adorama/ Amazon
Top 4 Canon EOS R3 Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama 
Top 5 Sony Alpha a7 III Body Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama
Top 6 Canon EOS RP lens Kit AmazonB&H/ Adorama
Top 7 Canon EOS R5 Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama
Top 8 Sony Alpha a7C w/ Kit lens Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama
Top 9 Sony Alpha a7 III Lens Kit Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama
Top 10 Sony Alpha a7S III AmazonB&HAdorama

The most notable is the Sony a7 IV which was released on December 17th, took the lead over the Nikon Z9. By manufacturer, Sony has 4 models and 5 models, and Canon has 4 models. The result is that Nikon is one model.

Sony has stopped accepting orders for some products, and some have not been in stock, and the situation has been severe since the end of the year. Perhaps because of the shortage of inventory, the current movement of Sony is that there is no model that can keep the top position continuously.

The stock shortage of Nikon Z9 seems to be quite serious, and it may be a temporary departure from the front from the next time because the future arrival will be quite ahead. Nikon continues to be ranked in only one model.
Canon wants  Canon EOS R3 to do its best in the sense that it will compete with Sony and Nikon. We would like to expect a leap in 2022.

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