Sony A7R II Review (Kenrockwell): It is Just for Hobbyists not for Photographers

Sony a7R II

As we all known, the new released Sony a7R II is one of the best digital cameras, but Ken Rockwell posted his full Sony a7R II review and said ” It is not as good as the same priced DSLR”. ” It is just for Hobbyists not for Photographers.” He preferred Canon EOS 5Ds R and Canon EOS 6D rather than Sony a7R II. What do you think about?

From Kenrockwell:

“A photo hobbyist is someone who loves talking about pixels, software, apps, bit depths and especially loves playing with a zillion different brands of lenses on adapters. That’s why hobbyists and gizmo fans love this camera so much….Hobbyists are completely different from photographers, photographic artists or pro shooters. The problem with the A7R II for use by a photographic artist like myself is that while A7R II images look great, its colors never look as great in real-world shots as I get directly from my Canons and Nikons. Most people are hobbyists and won’t notice the subtle things I do, and therefore I certainly recommend the A7R II, but for serious work, the Sony isn’t there yet… “

Sony Alpha a7RII Mirrorless Digital Camera
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There are also several sample images of Sony a7R II (ISO from 6,400 to 102,400)Sony a7R II review Kenrockwell Sony a7R II review2 Kenrockwell Sony a7R II review3 Kenrockwell Sony a7R II review4 Kenrockwell Sony a7R II review5 Kenrockwell Sony a7R II review6 Kenrockwell

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