Pentax K-3 Mark III Review (Pentaxforums): “this is one heck of a camera”

Pentaxforums has just posted a full review of the newly released PENTAX K-3 Mark III (Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama). They tested this new camera and found such pros: Superb build quality, true to Pentax ethos, surprisingly compact, Fully weather sealed, Bright and largest ever (for an APS-C) viewfinder, solid information overlay, Vastly improved AF engine, Stellar sensor performance with excellent noise management, dynamic range, Pixel shift delivers amazing detail, Improved movie mode with 4K, SR, focus peaking and continuous AF, Touchscreen operation present everywhere, works well, Effective stabilization, works with any lens, Robust live view mode, Best backward-compatibility of any Pentax camera, Customizable user interface, Versatile LCD with outdoor view setting , Durable weather-sealed construction, Class-leading shutter durability (300,000), USB-C interface for charging and file transfer and Solid Wi-Fi experience.

Below are some sample images of Pentax K-3 Mark III.

Here is the conclusion, “A few years ago, a camera such as the K-3 III would have taken the market by storm. Nowadays, such performance is not overwhelming anymore, but the K-3 III is nonetheless significant. It shows what a DSLR can do in 2021. Still, the camera isn’t just there to prove something. It’s a worthy upgrade path for Pentax DSLR users and a true flagship camera…

Pentax K-3 III
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Key Features:

  • Optical viewfinder with nearly 100% field of view and approximately 1.05-times magnification
  • High-resolution images assured by approximately 25.73 effective megapixels
  • Super-high-sensitivity photography at a top sensitivity of ISO 1600000
  • Pentax SR II Shake Reduction System delivers high-performance
  • 5-Axis, 5.5-shutter-step camera shake compensation
  • Pixel-Shift Resolution System
  • AA-filter simulator to minimize moire and false color
  • High-definition LCD monitor with intuitive touch-screen control

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