Panasonic S1H to be annunced on August 27!

A new Panasonic is coming! According to the latest rumors from L5, Panasonic will officially announce the new Panasonic DC-S1H on August 27th, 2019.

The S1H will have 6 stops stabilization in body, fully lockable. Its double up from gh5. And a fan! For cooling and unlimited recording. Its meant to match vericam as far as rec format. And its a little bigger to the back, due to the fan. And the monitor Can be tilted out and rotated like a combi og the s1 and gh5, so its viewable from all sides and wont get restricted by a cage or cables on the side.

24.2 mp sensor cooled for continuous rec. 6 stops stabilization internal. 6,2 dual.
Sound rec in hfr.
Dynamic range 14 stops. 6k sensor in 4:3 for anamorph and in 16:9 5,9k

Stay tuned on August 27!

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