Nikon D6 to Start Shipping on May 21st 2020

Good News!!! The newly announced Nikon D6 (Amaozn/ B&H/ Adorama) is now shipping to NPS (Nikon Professional Services ) members. The regular orders will start shipping on May 21st, 2020. 


NOTE: Your order WILL NOT process until you have confirmed this information. To confirm, reply to this message; “ready to take delivery.” Once you confirm, our team will reach out to B & H PHOTO & VIDEO and let them know your camera will ship from Nikon and arrive sometime between May 21, 2020 and May 30, 2020. Please feel free to communicate to the retailer in regards to your order. If for some reason you would like to delay receiving this camera until a later date, kindly let us know immediately. As an NPS member, you’ll always have priority for items in high demand. Please note if you have requested more than one D6, our initial release will be for one camera only. Thank you for your continued support and genuine excitement for the Nikon D6!

Best regards,
Nikon Professional Services

Nikon D6 was officially announced in February 2020. The shipment is delayed  due to the COVID-2019.



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