Nikon D5 to Have a 20MP Full Frame Sensor


Today, Nikonrumors confirmed the upcoming Nikon D5 DSLR camera would have a 20MP full-frame sensor. Here are several more images of Nikon D5 leaked from NR.

Nikon-D5-camera-leaked-2 Nikon-D5-camera-leaked-3



Nikon D5 has a new ISO button on the top plate, the video record button is moved to the side and there are mic hole above the D5 label. It is expected to be announced in early 2016.


Below are updated specifications of Nikon D5 :


  • New 20MP FX sensor
  • New focusing module with larger coverage and 153 autofocus points
  • Native high ISO of 102,400
  • 15 fps (not sure)
  • Body design similar to the current D4s
  • 4K video
  • New: 2 CF cards

source: NR

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