Full Specs of Panasonic GH6 Leaked online

Panasonic GH6 is coming! Today, Digicameinfo leaked the full specifications of this new camera.

Panasonic GH6 features:

  • 25 million pixel PLF-less sensor
  • High resolution shooting of 100 million pixels
  • 5.7K video
  • Sensor readout up to 300fps
  • High-speed readout of 120 fps at 4K resolution
  • Rolling shutter suppression
  • Computational processing capacity is about double
  • New intelligent details
  • New 2D noise reduction
  • High-performance 3D-NR (video)
  • Improved AF performance Processing speed is 3 times faster than before DFD performance has evolved
  • New recording mode
  • 4K120p 4: 2: 0 10bit 300Mbps
  • 4K 60p 4: 2: 2 10bit 800Mbps / 600Mbps
  • 5.7K 60p 4: 2: 0 10bit 300Mbps
  • C4K 120p 4: 2: 0 10bit 300Mbps
  • C4K 60p 4: 2: 2 10bit 800Mbps / 600Mbps
  • Recording file method supports Apple ProRes in addition to MP4 and MOV
  • 5.7K 30p Apple ProRes 422 HQ 1.9Gbps
  • Card slot: CFexpress TypeB slot, UHSII compatible SD card slot
  • Weight: 739g

Dynamic range boost function: It is possible to shoot a wide dynamic range image at a maximum of 60 fps by synthesizing an overexposed image and an underexposed image in real time. Achieves a dynamic range of up to 13+ stops approaching the full size. The minimum ISO sensitivity is 800, and when using V-log it is 2000, so an ND filter is essential.
Image stabilization: Adopts an ultra-high performance gyro sensor and a new algorithm, and has a correction effect equivalent to 7.5 steps. Smooth image stabilization that is ideal for movies.
Dark place performance: High-sensitivity noise is much suppressed compared to GH5II while increasing the number of pixels. It can be used normally up to ISO3200.
Built-in microphone evolved from 16bit to 24bit. 4 channels can be recorded when using an XLR adapter.
Phase-difference AF is not installed, but AF is much better. The AF calculation speed has tripled, the background omission and tracking performance have been greatly improved, and the AF speed has also become considerably faster.
There are 315 AF points in the full area. Human, face / pupil, animal + human subject recognition can be used in all AF modes. The focus range can be set with the focus limiter.
The price is 263,000 yen for the body only and 337,000 yen for the lens kit.



Panasonic GH6 is now listed at B&H.

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