Fujifilm Ultimate APS-C X-camera Coming for $5,000!

Fujifilm X-T2

The current Fujifilm X-T2

A new Fujifilm X camera is coming! According to the latest rumors from FujiRumors, Fujifilm is now working on the ultimate APS-C X-Trans camera especially for video shooting. It is rumored to cost as much as $5,000! Oh, my god!

The source said:

  • Fujifilm is working on the ultimate X-series X-Trans APS-C camera
  • Design based on X-T line, but it won’t be called “X-T3“
  • The camera is still under development, hence the camera price has not yet been set
  • The camera will be more expensive than any other X-series camera currently on the market
  • Best Fuji APS-C camera for video work

Source: FujiRumors

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