Why Buy Canon EOS R5?

Why Buy Canon EOS R5? told us the reasons. The new Canon EOS R5 (now listed at B&H/ Adorama) is rumored to be delayed till Summer 2020.

Good News!!! The upcoming Canon EOS R5 is now listed at B&H/ Adorama. The price info is not leaked. This new full-frame mirroress camera will be announced in 2020 along with a total of 9 RF lenses including Canon RF 100-500 F4.5-7.1L IS USM lens and Extender RF 1.4x & Extender RF 2x.

Is the Canon EOS R5 body based on the EOS R?

“What you can see is that it is actually slightly fatter than the EOS R across the top. In my view, it gives it more of a DSLR sort of look to it,” David Parry said.

Why doesn’t the EOS R5 doesn’t have the EOS R’s Multi-function bar?

“We’ve got the joystick on here, instead of the Multi-function bar. Everybody knows the multi-function bar on the EOS R got a mixed response – some people really got on with it, some people really couldn’t get on with it at all,” he said. “So maybe going with this is a safer bet – more people are used to the multi-controller.”

“Because this is a 5-series, more people at that kind of level will expect functions similar to what you get on a 5D.” he added.

So is that why this camera is called the EOS R5?

“It’s aimed at that level of the market. This isn’t a replacement for the 5D Mark IV or anything like that. But this is a mirrorless 5-series, it’s aimed at that segment of the market,” he said.

“Which makes sense because in film days we had the EOS 5, then with digital DSLRs we had the 5D, and now we’ve got the R5 now. So it’s all the same sort of level.” he added.

And more generally away from the specs, who is the Canon EOS R5 aimed at? What type of photographer will buy it?

“This is going to be a well-rounded product in the sense that it’s full-frame, it’s got a high frame-rate (20fps and 12fps), it’s got amazing video capability with the 8K. So it’s going to be an incredibly powerful product,” he said.

“As the name gives away, the type of consumer who’s going to buy it is going to be your 5-series user, it’s going to be that sort of level of product. Someone who’s using it professionally and someone who’s using it semi-professionally as well,” he said.

“But let’s not forget there are a lot of enthusiasts out there who love products at this level,” he added. “It’s not targeted towards any particular genre of photography, in the same way that the 5 series evolved into that all-rounder type of camera. With the 5-series you see it in every single kind of photography situation you can imagine,” he added.

The EOS R5 has impressive video credentials. How does it handle heat issues when shooting 8K video?

“We’ve been doing this for a while now and we’ve learnt a lot of techniques to dissipate heat on other products that we have in our lineup. For example, being able to move components around, and being able to have them further away from each other,” he said.

“And being able to dissipate heat using different materials has been something we’ve been pretty proud of on other products. This is something we’ve learnt using both our camera and our video Cinema EOS series with that technology as well,” he added.

“So there’s a lot of technology that we know is now coming together and giving us the ability to really step up these specifications,” he said.

The EOS R5 has Animal Eye AF. Does this work in both video and stills?

“We can’t divulge that at the moment, but what’s really exciting about that for us is that it’s dogs, cats and birds – as far as I’m aware no other manufacturer has mentioned birds in their Animal AF,” he said.

“I’m intrigued to see how that works out in the field – because birds are obviously quite different, that’s quite a broad spectrum. With dogs and cats, they’ve got different breeds, but they do look relatively similar, whereas birds can look completely different, from house martins right up to ostriches. That’s pretty exciting,” he added.

Is animal autofocus based on the same Deep Learning tech that we first saw on the 1DX Mark III?

“We’re not divulging anything about where that tech has come from, but again all the learnings from other cameras we have do go into the next generation,” he said.

“I think the Deep Learning technology is very, very exciting – about being able to get it to recognize people wearing crash helmets and things like that, which has made a big difference to the 1DX.”

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