Sony A7R II Vs. A7R (Dearsusan)

Sony A7R II Vs a7RDearSusan compared the new released Sony a7R II and the predecessor Sony a7R and made a distinctive conclusion :”although image quality is significantly improved, the resolution increase doesn’t play much of a role in that. 42,2Mpx is a lot of data but, compared to 36Mpx, it represents a mere 8% linear improvement and the excellent per-pixel sharpness of the predecessor doesn’t seem to have changed for better or for worse. A7rII files can take significantly more sharpening, but that doesn’t make them immensely better resolution-wise.”

Sony a7R II (left) Vs. Sony a7R (right)

Sony A7R II Vs a7R compare-resolution

The photo seems brighter and more lively. Resolution is also slightly better and holds sharpening better, too

Sony A7R II Vs a7R compare-resolution2

Sony a7R II is now in stock and shipping in most US stores, but with limited quantity.

Sony Alpha a7RII Mirrorless Digital Camera
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