RAW Quality Comparison: Sony A7R II Vs. Canon EOS 5Ds R

Sony A7r II_vs_Canon 5DS r

Camera Labs has just posted RAW image comparison between the new released Sony A7R II and Canon EOS 5Ds R. Both are delivering highly detailed and crisp images thanks to their huge resolutions, using the same third part lens: Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG Art lens.

From the CameraLabs:

A handful of photographers who make huge tonal adjustments in RAW may prefer Canon for its uncompressed RAW files, and I certainly wish Sony would offer an uncompressed RAW option just to satisfy a complete market, but personally speaking I’ve never had any issues with retrieving reasonable highlight or shadow details from Sony files. I’m satisfied the A7r Mark II and EOS 5DSr share essentially the same real-life resolving power.

Read the full comparison review at Camera Labs

Sony Alpha a7R II 
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Canon EOS 5Ds R
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