Nikon D5 Sample Images Up to ISO 3,276,800 (PetaPixel)

Nikon D5 sample images ISO

Here are the first sample images of the new announced Nikon’s flagship FX-format professional DSLR cameras: Nikon D5 (Amazon/ Adorama/ B&H) from ISO 3,200 to ISO 3,276,800! These photos are posted at the PetaPixel.

Nikon D5 has two different Versions: CF and XQD.

Nikon D5 CF Version Check Price Amazon/ Adorama/ B&H/ eBay
Nikon D5 XQD Version Check Price Amazon/ Adorama/ B&H/ eBay

The D5 has a native max ISO up to 102400. Expanded modes include Hi1 (ISO 204800), Hi2 (ISO 409600), Hi3 (ISO 819200), Hi4 (ISO 1638400), and Hi5 (ISO 3276800).

Nikon D5 ISO 3200

ISO 3,200

Nikon D5 ISO 6400

ISO 6,400

Nikon D5 ISO 12800

ISO 12,800

Nikon D5 ISO 25600

ISO 25,600

Nikon D5 ISO 51200

ISO 51,200

Nikon D5 ISO 162550

ISO 162,550

Nikon D5 ISO 204800

ISO 204,800

Nikon D5 ISO 409600

ISO 409,600

Nikon D5 ISO 819200

ISO 819,200

Nikon D5 ISO 1638400

ISO 1,638,400

Nikon D5 ISO 3276800

ISO 3,276,800


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