Leica SL vs Sony A7R II Size Comparison

Leica SL vs Sony a7R II imagesHere are the new announced Leica SL Typ 601 (on the left) and the new released Sony a7R II (on the right). Photographyblo has just posted some pictures of Side-by-side comparison between Leica SL (Adorama/ B&H) and Sony a7R II (AmazonAdoramaeBay).

You can see, the Leica SL is much bigger than Sony a7R II while the price is also twice the A7R II. I am wondering who would love Leica better than Sony? Just enjoy and make a comparison.

Leica SL vs Sony a7R II images2 Leica SL vs Sony a7R II images3 Leica SL vs Sony a7R II images4 Leica SL vs Sony a7R II images5


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