Canon PowerShot G3 X Sensor Review (DxOMark)


Kevin Carter has just posted a sensor review of the new released Canon PowerShot G3 X at the DxOMark. This new camera gets an overall DxOMark score of 63 points with a super zoom 24-600mm —the first lens of its kind to adorn a compact G camera.

Canon PowerShot G3 X sensor review

Canon PowerShot G3 X Vs. Canon PowerShot G7 X

Canon PowerShot G3 X sensor review2

An overall DxOMark score of 63 points is somewhat lower than expected after the 71 point score of the PowerShot G7 X

Canon PowerShot G3 X sensor review3

Conclusion from DxOMark:”Despite the mixed sensor performance — dynamic range is excellent and on par with the best in its class currently — the somewhat lower-than-expected color sensitivity (and corresponding noise levels) is slightly puzzling. Be that as it may, the Canon remains a tempting choice, not least because of its portability and zoom range, though the relatively slow maximum aperture at the long end and tardy continuous shooting rates maybe a limitation for some users. …

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